Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a luxe treat: our sumptuous Basque burnt cheesecake.
With its charred crater top and caramelised golden edges, it resembles a magnificent volcanic dome. Its flavour profile is unique among cheesecakes due to its bittersweet, caramelised exterior.
Don’t be fooled by its scorched and cracked appearance. The cheesecake still retains a rich, creamy, and gooey centre, despite its trial by fire in the oven.
Presenting to you this crowd-pleasing dessert in three indulgent flavours: original, dark chocolate and matcha.

The cheesecake has withstood the test of time since its creation by the ancient Greeks in the fifth century BC. Historians believed that it was served to athletes during the first Olympic Games. In the millennia that followed, the baked treat evolved and made its way into almost every European and American cookbook.

Today, the cheesecake is ubiquitous and comes in a myriad of interpretations and flavours. Its progenitor was simply made of cheese, flour, and honey. In contrast, modern versions incorporate crumbly crusts and a host of creative ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, and even Oreo biscuits.

The New York cheesecake is arguably the most popular and widely known. It is more dense and firm than other styles. It features a crust made from graham cracker crumbs, which lends a crunchy contrast to its otherwise smooth and creamy texture.

The Basque burnt cheesecake is a relatively recent gastronomic phenomenon. You probably have swooned over it on your Instagram feed, tried baking it, or even tasted what could be the best burnt cheesecake in Singapore.

This well-loved original burnt cheesecake hails from Spain. Also known as tarta de queso or gazta tarta, it was said to be created by the owner of the La Viña Bar in San Sebastián around 1990. Its name is derived from the Basque region, which is home to the costal city of San Sebastián.

Aside from its burnt top, the Basque style is reminiscent of the classic cheesecake. Its light and creamy cheesecake recipe essentially requires only cheese, egg, heavy cream, and sugar. It also does not have a crust or base, unlike its more popular counterparts such as the New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago cheesecakes.

If you are a fan of the Basque burnt cheesecake in Singapore, we recommend that you give The Homme Baker’s version a try. Take your pick from these four scrumptious flavours: matcha, chocolate brownie, Thai tea, and MSW durian.