The T&J Collection: Chocolate Shell Cakes Inspired by Tom and Jerry

The Homme Baker’s signature pièce de résistance is aptly named the T&J Collection — the blocks of ‘Swiss cheese’ are an ode to the colourful antics of the iconic cat-and-mouse duo.

Get ready for a surprise when you dig into this whimsical creation. Its cratered exterior is in fact a crisp and brittle chocolate shell. Encased within is a delightfully layered dessert filled with cake, cream, fruit, and more.

The T&J Collection with its imaginative array of flavours is delicate, indulgent, and stands apart from the typical made-in-Singapore chocolate cake. Let it be your creative choice of cake for special occasions or as an after-dinner accompaniment.

Now, for the very first time, you can experience all the T&J flavours in one box!

If you grew up between the 60s and the 80s, you will likely be familiar with the hilarious antics of Tom, the crafty cat and Jerry, the mouse who kept outwitting his feline friend.

Over the decades, the slapstick animated duo have become a global pop culture icon. They even starred in a live-action comedy film early 2021.

We love their shenanigans, which are often centred around slabs of Swiss cheese. Jerry would try to swipe the cheese from under Tom’s nose, while the latter would try his best to foil the heist. It was hilarious watching them one-upping each other in a creative contest of wits and will.

The T&J Collection was created as a gastronomic tribute to their cat-and-mouse hijinks. Like the protagonists, we found ourselves yearning for a slice of that Swiss cheese action. That inspired the shape as well as the resplendent colours and creative flavours of our dessert cakes.

What better way to enjoy sweet nostalgia than to taste it with relish and reminiscence every day.

Each T&J flavour is inspired by a nostalgic snack or classic dessert that we have grown to love.

As its namesake goes, the T&J Ondeh reimagines the ondeh ondeh – a local favourite bathed in coconut gratings and gula melaka. Have you tried one that is presented in a fragrant pandan chocolate shell?

The T&J Cheesecake Original is far richer and creamier than the classic cheesecake. It is The Homme Baker’s original recipe with a complementing sweet and savoury note from the caramel chocolate shell.

If you like fresh fruit to go with your desserts, the T&J Dark Chocolate Banoffee will be a natural choice. It is an inventive makeover of the banoffee (an English dessert pie) complete with slices of fresh banana.

Similarly, the T&J Strawberry Shortcake is stuffed with fresh strawberries. This fruit is known for its cancer-fighting antioxidants and vitamins. Won’t you give this indulgent yet nutritious dessert cake a try as well?

The T&J Raspberry Panna Cotta puts a spin on the famous Italian dessert. Its panna cotta filling is embellished with handmade raspberry sauce and enveloped by a sultry red raspberry chocolate shell.

Have a craving for sweet and citrusy treats? The T&J Yuzu is sure to impress with its zesty, invigorating medley of Japanese yuzu and lemon curd, honey cream cheese, and cookie crumble.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Singapore chocolate cake, the T&J Collection might just be what you need.