The T&J Ondeh is an ondeh ondeh cake encased in pandan-flavoured white chocolate shell.
If you love sampling the best ondeh ondeh in Singapore, the T&J Ondeh is bound to delight you too.
Checking out some of the best ondeh ondeh cake in Singapore? Why not give the T&J Ondeh a try?
A stylish and elegant dessert gift box from Singapore's one and only The Homme Baker
This gorgeous gift box is crafted to hold the assorted Tom and Jerry cakes from the T&J Collection
An exquisitely designed box that looks perfect as a food gift for the Singapore palate
A trio of T&J Ondeh cakes presented snugly in a specially designed gift box

T&J Ondeh

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A pandan-flavoured white chocolate shell with a generous filling of cake, gula melaka, and coconut shavings

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Jo Ho
Intense lovely flavours of ondeh ondeh

This was a treat I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and I loved it. The intense sweet and salty ondeh ondeh taste made for a great ending to dinner. Just make sure you keep them in the fridge before eating, as the white chocolate coating melts quickly in the tropical heat (no worries about their state during delivery as they come in a nicely chilled bag).