The T&J Ondeh is an ondeh ondeh cake encased in pandan-flavoured white chocolate shell.
If you love sampling the best ondeh ondeh in Singapore, the T&J Ondeh is bound to delight you too.
Checking out some of the best ondeh ondeh cake in Singapore? Why not give the T&J Ondeh a try?
A stylish and elegant dessert gift box from Singapore's one and only The Homme Baker
This gorgeous gift box is crafted to hold the assorted Tom and Jerry cakes from the T&J Collection
An exquisitely designed box that looks perfect as a food gift for the Singapore palate
A trio of T&J Ondeh cakes presented snugly in a specially designed gift box

T&J Ondeh

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A pandan-flavoured white chocolate shell with a generous filling of cake, gula melaka, and coconut shavings