Nama Chocolate Collection

Indulge in The Homme Baker’s Nama Chocolate Collection. Each precious nugget is packed with rich, velvety decadence and an intense cacao aroma. Just one bite will leave you longing for more of these tantalising treats.

Nama chocolate means raw, pure, or fresh chocolate in Japanese. It is a type of ganache created from melted cacao and fresh heavy cream. No baking is needed.

Upon achieving the precise flavour and consistency, the ganache is allowed to set in the chiller. The solidified confection is then hand-cut into cubes using a hot knife and dusted with fine cocoa powder.

While deceptively straightforward, the recipe demands a precise control of the moisture level. Slight deviations could result in a failure to set or a loss of the desirable silky texture.

Meticulously crafted using quality chocolate, the Nama Chocolate Collection is bound to tempt your palate with four alluring flavours.

No one truly knows who invented the nama chocolate. The widespread belief is that it originated in Japan. The dessert is a firm favourite of the Japanese and highly sought-after by tourists.

It is no surprise that a Hokkaidō-based company would become synonymous with the popular treat worldwide. Mention nama chocolate and Royce springs to mind for most. The brand’s bestselling product has been the nama chocolate for decades.

Nama chocolate has found its way into the hearts of many Singaporeans, often as indulgent snacks and luxury gifts. Others have taken up the challenge of trying to recreate the recipe at home.

Like fellow purveyors of artisanal chocolate in Singapore, The Homme Baker has also delved into creating distinctive flavours of this exquisite confection.

If you have tasted nama chocolate before, you will be amazed by how it stands out from regular chocolate. Its smooth, silky, and melt-in-your-mouth texture is second to none. . The fine coat of cocoa powder also adds depth to its flavour.

The secret to creating divine-tasting nama chocolate lies in the quality of the chocolate used. The chocolate should be made of pure cocoa butter. The presence of stabilisers such as vegetable fat can compromise the consistency of the ganache. That is why The Homme Baker uses only premium, unadulterated chocolate to create this dessert.

The delicate treat is extremely sensitive to temperature. It should be stored in the fridge at a temperature between 4°C to 7°C. Take out only the portion that you intend to eat or serve. Do consume it quickly as its shelf life is much shorter than other types of chocolate products.

The best way to savour nama chocolate is to take it from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for no more than ten minutes before serving. Beware though that its taste and texture become less appealing when left outside for too long.